Tuesday, January 11, 2011

10 Ways to Encourage Babies to Develop Language Skills

1. Sing Nursery Rhymes

Though you may prefer to jam to the latest from Beyonce, nursery rhymes have lasted as long as they have because of their simple words and concepts. As tots' verbal skills develop begin leaving out individual words that they can help you fill in – such as the animal on old MacDonald's farm.

2. Use Real Words . . .

...not baby words. Talking to your child in baby talk will only encourage them to use those words when they are able to speak on their own. Use real words, including the correct words for foods, body parts, etc. to get the child used to them.

3. Read, Read, Read

Reading to a baby from birth has been shown to aid in a love of books and help with language development. When reading to a baby, point out items on the page such as the red wagon or a blue balloon.

4. Make Eye Contact

Looking your baby in the eye when speaking to her will help her better concentrate on what you are saying.

5. Use Every Locale as a Learning Experience

A trip to the grocery isn't a simple errand when a baby's in tow. Count the number of potatoes you place in the cart, discuss the color of the apples and tell your youngster the name of everything he points to during the trip. The variety of colors and objects will keep his attention throughout the trip.

6. Keep Background Noise to a Minimum

Though music is beneficial to children, turn off the radio, iPod and television when engaging in active play with your lil one. Doing so will help her better concentrate on what you are saying and allow her to hear the correct pronunciation of words.

7. Crank Up the Kiddie Tunes

Yeah, the latest track from Coldplay or Jay-Z may be a bit catchier than Raffi's "Wheels on the Bus," but the kiddie tunes will help your baby learn the necessary words for future speech development. When rolling through town, pop in a CD of nursery rhymes or baby stories to aid in vocabulary development.

8. Visit Storytimes

Though the youngest of children may not be able to sit through an entire storytime session, just taking them to one a regular basis will allow them to see how other kids are listening and learning. Plus, the session will give you some new book ideas.

9. Go on an Adventure Walk

Taking a hike around your neighborhood or the local park can be more than just fresh air for baby and some exercise for mama. Use the time to describe what you see, the colors, what your plan is for the day, etc. The active – though one-sided – conversation is great for language development.

10. Make Them Say It

Babies love to point at objects they want. If they are old enough to name what they want – the ball, their milk, etc. – don't give them the object until they say it. If they are too young to verbalize the name of the object, hand it to them while saying the name.

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